Mobile Commercial Cooking Operations

The Fire Prevention Division conducts inspections of mobile commercial cooking operations.

The Victoria Fire Department works with the City’s Business Licencing staff to track mobile commercial cooking operations and ensure they are operating safely within the City of Victoria.  The City of Victoria has amended the Fire Prevention and Regulation Bylaw 14-100 to include language for mobile cooking operations wishing to operate within the City of Victoria.  This new language is intended to ensure that operators have installed required fire protection/ safety systems and are maintaining them to the same standards of similar operations occupying commercial spaces.

Some key items in the new language includes:

  • Mobile cooking operations must receive an inspection by the Fire Department annually, at which point a decal will be provided for that calendar year.

  • Mobile cooking operations that produce grease laden vapours must have the appropriate fixed extinguishing, portable extinguishers, and mechanical ventilation installed and maintained as per NFPA 96.

  • Mobile cooking operations utilizing generators must ensure they are rated by a testing laboratory and protected, properly grounded, and used as per manufacturers specifications.

  • In cases where the cooking operation is located inside a motor vehicle utilizing natural gas or propane, you must install and maintain a gas monitoring detector with alerting capabilities in the even of a leak.

  • Any tents or awnings must be fire resistive.

  • Barriers must of no less than one meter horizontally and vertically between the cooking appliance and the public must be maintained.

  • Mobile cooking operations which utilized wood burning appliances are not permitted.

To view the new language in its entirety, please review the Fire Prevention and Regulation Bylaw Amendment  Bylaw (No 1) 21-010.

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If you are operating or thinking of operating a commercial cooking operation and have any questions about the requirements, or to make an inspection appointment, please contact the Victoria Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Division at 250.920.3360 or email us.