Street Cleaning

Each and every day, City staff strive to keep Victoria clean.

The City's Street Cleaning Section is proud to play a role in keeping our city beautiful and inviting to residents and visitors.

City of Victoria Street Cleaners:

  • Street CleaningClean your street regularly
  • Remover litter and dog mess from sidewalks during routing cleaning
  • Respond to requests to remove large amounts of litter on city property
  • Respond to requests to pick up hypodermic needles from city property
  • Clean all City parking lots and parkades weekly
  • Empty street litter bins regularly
  • Attend road accidents to remove debris
  • Remove graffiti from city property
  • Keep the Inner Harbour area clean of debris

Downtown Victoria is cleaned continuously. In other shopping areas, we clean once a week. In residential areas, cleaning is carried out once every six weeks, depending on the amount of litter.

How You Can Help

  • Don't drop litter or chewing gum on the streets
  • Dispose of waste in the proper place
  • Tell us if you see an overflowing bin
  • Pick up after your dog
  • Don't put sharp objects or hypodermic needles in litter bins
  • Recycle your glass bottles, aluminum, and paper

If you require street cleaning services in your area, call us at our 24hr line 250.361.0400 or email Public Works.