LED Streetlight Replacement Project

We are starting to replace Victoria’s old streetlights with new, energy efficient LED streetlights!


What are we doing?

The City of Victoria is replacing the current high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights with new energy efficient LED lights. In Victoria, streetlights are a major user of electricity, and in order to reduce costs and improve sustainability, the City is replacing the legacy HPS streetlights with LED units, which provide a number of benefits.


Why are we replacing the current HPS lights with LEDs?

  • City of Victoria streetlights currently consume 30% of our municipal electricity use
  • The conversion from HPS to LED streetlights will reduce streetlight energy use by 45 to 55%
  • LED lights are longer lasting, outliving the older HPS lights by as much as four times. The LEDs can last 15 – 20 years without needing to be replaced.
  • LED light prices have dropped significantly in recent years and are now cost-competitive with the current HPS lights
  • LED lights provide a high quality, clear light, which can help improve visibility, safety and security
  • LED lights are highlight configurable and controllable, which means they are smart! Smart LED lights give the City the potential to adjust or control light levels for safety, further energy savings, and desired aesthetics.
  • The savings in electricity and maintenance offered by LEDs mean that the program pays for itself in only a few years
  • LEDs reduce light pollution due to their good directional properties and flat lens’, which reduces the amount of light radiating in directions where it is not required, which is more common in the round HPS lights

The report that went to Council with more detailed information about the project can be found here: COTW-Report_LEDStreetlightRepleacement.pdf [PDF - 420 KB]

How can LED lights improve visibility on roadways?

Below is an example of a street in the North Cowichan Regional District that went from HPS lights to LED lights. Look at how much clearer and visible the streetscape is with LEDs compared to HPS lights.

HPS streetlights

LED Streetlights

When will I start to see crews in my neighbourhood?

The work is scheduled to start in mid-December and will be completed by late 2017. Phase 1 will include the replacement of streetlights on all City owned, metal poles. Phase 2 will involve the replacement of all City owned streetlights on BC Hydro owned wooden poles.

The public may see crews in different areas around Victoria at different times over the next year. The downtown core is scheduled to start after the holiday season. 

Do you have questions or concerns about the LED Replacement Project?

If you have any questions about LED light replacement program, or the LED light installed in your neighbourhood, please contact pw@victoria.ca or call 250.361.0400       

If you have an issue with a LED light installation in your neighbourhood, please include information including:

  • Location of the light
  • Whether the light is too bright or not bright enough
  • If the light shines into your home
  • Any other general comments.