What To Know - Residents

Residents have an important role to play when it snows. The City's Streets and Traffic Bylaw requires that an owner or occupier of land remove snow and ice from a sidewalk fronting their home by 10 a.m. each day.

If you live in a single family home or duplex, you are responsible for removing ice and snow from a sidewalk fronting your home.

If you live in an apartment building, condominium or townhouse, the property owner/manager is responsible for appointing staff or contractors to remove snow and ice from sidewalks fronting the property by 10 a.m. each day. These types of properties are considered to be businesses.

Those who do not comply with the Bylaw may face a fine of $125 per ticketed offence (per day). A ticket can be issued up to six months after an offence has occurred.

With over 450 km of sidewalks in Victoria, it would be too costly for City taxpayers to take on the entire task of removing ice and snow.

You are encouraged to make arrangements in advance with your neighbours to clear each other's sidewalks in the event one of you is away when it snows. And don't be afraid to ask neighbours, friends, and family for assistance if you are unable to shovel snow.

Fact Sheet

The fact sheet below has been developed to help explain the role and responsibilities of Victoria residents when it snows.

It includes information on how the City prepares for snow and prioritizes snow clearing, its "green" ice and snow removal practices, and helpful snow clearing and safe driving tips.

Please familiarize yourself with this information, share it with family members and friends, and keep it handy for easy reference.

Help Your Neighbour

When it snows, be a good neighbour. Offer assistance with snow removal to those neighbours who may need a helping hand, and check on them in the event of a severe snowstorm. You may want to offer to drive them to a medical appointment, local pharmacy, or other important appointments they may have.

Stock Up

When heavy snow is forecast, stock up on groceries, pet food, essential medicines, and other supplies before it snows to avoid having to drive on slippery roadways.

Now is the time to purchase shovels, sand, and environmentally friendly ice melt products. It's also time to prepare an emergency kit containing flashlights, a radio, new batteries, candles and matches, and plenty of food and extra blankets. For a list of what you and your family need to cope for three days in the event of a severe storm and/or power outage, visit Victoria Ready.

Garbage Collection

In the event of snow, your garbage collection day may be delayed and occur on the next available day. Your garbage pick-up may also be delayed if Hartland Landfill is closed due to snow. During periods of snowfall, residents are also encouraged to bring their waste bins to the curb or sidewalk to help crews with their routes. This helps keep routes running on time and reduces the risk of injuries to staff members along pathways that have not been cleared of snow.


The Capital Regional District (CRD) is responsible for the Bluebox Recycling Program. Every effort will be made to pick up curbside recycling in the event of a snowfall. For more information, visit: www.crd.bc.ca, email hotline@crd.bc.ca, or call the CRD Hotline at 250.360.3030.

Please allow us 72 hours to respond, or longer in the event of a severe snow storm.