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Whether you drive, walk, bike, or roll, remember to:

  • Know the right of way – Make sure to yield to other road users when appropriate.
  • Keep a safe distance – Give other road users space to move safely.
  • Focus on the road – Be alert for others on the route ahead.
  • Follow the rules of the road – Mind the rules of the Motor Vehicle Act when on the go. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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Try out our All Ages and Abilities (AAA) cycling network - Sign up for FREE guided group bike rides featuring different routes, destinations and tips here


As the cycling network's neighbourhood bikeways (like Vancouver Street) and multi-use pathways (like the one on Dallas Road) become more popular, it's important to remember some safety tips.

🚘 If you are driving:

  • Be prepared for new traffic patterns and reduced speed limits
  • Yield to pedestrians at all intersections, including painted crosswalks
  • Leave your phone alone- more than 25% of fatal crashes on roads in BC involve distracted driving
  • Be on the lookout and shoulder check for cyclists and pedestrians before making turns in high traffic areas.  If a vehicle is stopped in front of you, the driver may be yielding for a pedestrian
  • Don't park or stop in yellow curb zones- they are there to maintain visibility for others
  • Always shoulder check before opening any car doors to avoid ‘dooring’ a cyclist
  • Yield to cyclists and signal well in advance if you need to cross a designated bike lane, including protected bike lanes
  • Keep your radio/audio on low so you can hear voices and bells

🚴‍♀️ If you are cycling:

  • Slow down in high traffic areas
  • Use your voice or bell and give lots of space to pass safely
  • Yield to pedestrians at all intersections including painted crosswalks and when sharing “elephant’s feet” crosswalks (those dotted with stripes)
  • Follow the rules of the road on every trip- including using your hand signals when you are turning and come to a full stop at intersections
  • Light up at night- all bikes must have a front white light and rear red light/reflector
  • If it's raining, increase your stopping distance and be prepared for slippery surfaces
  • When riding on multi-use pathways, stay right except to pass

🚢🏽‍β™€οΈπŸ‘¨‍πŸ¦½πŸ›΄πŸ›Ή If you are walking or wheeling:

  • Be mindful of other riders, drivers, and people with disabilities
  • Be seen- remember to light up at night
  • Use painted crosswalks when available. Remember that elephant’s feet crossings (those dotted with stripes) are shared with cyclists (who do not need to dismount)
  • Plan for poor weather or low light conditions
  • When walking on multi-use pathways, keep right except to pass
  • When walking with tots, hold hands as you cross intersections
  • If with a pet, keep the leash close to you
  • Skateboarders- light up at night 



GO Victoria is the City’s mobility strategy, with a vision for clean, seamless mobility for everyone. It identifies our values, policy positions, key initiatives, and strategies for supporting and shaping transportation in Victoria. The strategy sets the stage for improvements to achieve road safety, climate action, equity, and affordability goals by maximizing the use of our public rights of way.

Six Key Initiatives to achieve the Go Victoria vision.

  • Achieve Vision Zero
  • Transform Public Transit
  • Accelerate Active and Accessible Transportation
  • Shift to Zero Emissions
  • Rethink the Curb
  • Harness Data and Technology

Each year, the City will advance capital projects, initiatives, bylaws and programs to support this strategy. Learn more about GO Victoria