Maintaining our Road Network

Safe, resilient and quality roads are our priority 

To keep our roads safe and smooth, all 279 kilometres of Victoria’s paved roads are assessed and upgraded year-round.

Crews use special AI software to locate and assess asphalt in need of repair and use this data to prioritze repairs, upgrades and replacements in areas that need it the most. Road upgrades are coordinated with road safety, accessibility and other mobility improvement initiatives to streamline upgrades and reduce costs and impacts to traffic.

 Year-Round Road Maintenace

Click on the image below to view Victoria's road work by the seasons: 

Did  You Know?

The City uses 100 per cent recycled asphalt mix from the City’s own asphalt plant for many road paving projects to reduce costs and reliance on outside material sources. Check out the video.

See a Pothole? Report It!

Potholes occur when asphalt is weakened by the freezing and thawing of water in the roads and cracks under the weight of moving traffic. If you spot a pothole, please report it to Public Works by callin250.361.0400 or emailing   

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