Street Cleaning

Keeping Victoria's road network clean.

The City’s street cleaning team keeps our city beautiful and inviting to residents and visitors.

Downtown Victoria is cleaned continuously, while some shopping areas recieve a clean once a week. Rsidential areas are cleaned once every six weeks, depending on the amount of litter.

Victoria's street cleaners:

  • Remove litter and dog waste from sidewalks during routine cleaning
  • Respond to requests to remove large amounts of litter on city property
  • Respond to requests to pick up hypodermic needles from city property
  • Clean all City parking lots and parkades weekly
  • Empty street litter bins regularly
  • Attend road accidents to remove debris
  • Remove graffiti from city property
  • Keep the Inner Harbour area clean of debris

If you require street cleaning services in your area, use the online request form, ConnectVictoria App, or contact Public Works via email or phone the 24hr line 250-361-0400.