EV Charging & Parking

Victoria is building a robust network of electric vehicle charging stations. Providing dedicated space in parkades and other public spaces incentivizes the shift toward zero-emissions vehicles in Victoria.

The City has provided the public with access to electric vehicle (EV) charging since 2013. Currently, Victoria residents and visitors can access 19 City-owned Level 2 chargers which are located along Broad Street and in each of the five City-owned parkades:

  • Bastion Square Parkade (two stations)
  • Broughton Street Parkade (four stations)
  • Centennial Square Parkade (two stations)
  • Johnson Street Parkade (two stations)
  • View Street Parkade (three stations)

Regular parking fees apply. To use an electric vehicle charging station, please download the free FLO EV Charging Network app to your smartphone and follow the instructions. You can also obtain a FLO access card by visiting the FLO website and following the 'Getting Started' instructions.

Continued investment in EV charging infrastructure includes the six recently installed Level 2 chargers on Broad Street and Victoria’s first DC Fast Charger which was installed on Store Street between Johnson and Pandora.

Beginning on January 4, 2021, a $1 per hour EV charging fee came into effect for all City-owned EV chargers, including those in parkades and along Broad Street. Parking and EV charging fees are combined and paid for using the Flo App or using your preloaded Flo purchase card on Broad Street and in the Johnson Street parkade. 

To learn more about low carbon mobility, check out GoVictoria and the Climate Leadership Plan.

Additional Links

EV charging map: For a map of public and private charging stations throughout the region visit ChargeHub.

Parking: The City offers a variety of parking options in parkades, surface lots, and on-street spaces. Learn more about all parking options, prices, and parking ticket payment here.