School Streets

The School Streets program creates safer school zones and encourages active transportation 

The School Streets program creates temporary car-free environments in front of schools to improve safety for people walking, cycling and rolling to and from school. The program restricts non-local vehicle traffic on the School Street before and after school to encourage active modes of transportation and reduce vehicle congestion during school drop-off- and pick-up times.

 The City of  Victoria has partnered with participating schools across Victoria to deliver School Street pilot programs. This spring George Jay Elementary and Sir James Douglas Elementary are piloting the program to increase safety and encourage active modes of transportation in their community.

"The School Street project provided a safer, calmer, and quieter environment for school drop-offs and pick-ups - not only for students and caregivers, but also for the residents of the street.  The program provided our school community with a great opportunity to talk about active transport, and to be more active as a school in a fun way. " -George Jay PAC member

 The school community and neighbourhood residents are notified in advance of all upcoming School Street pilots and are encouraged to reduce their vehicle use during this time. Temporary closure of the street to traffic varies depending on the school schedule, but often is between 30-60 minutes in both the morning and afternoon.

The City monitors the delivery of the School Street program and encourages feedback to ensure the program is safe, accesible and meets active transportation goals. The City works direclty with schools to provide traffic control materials, plans, signage, and permits to participating schools.

For more information on the School Streets program, please refer to the School Streets Guidebook.

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