Street Occupancy Permit

Street Occupancy Permits are required any time you are working in or occupying any street, sidewalk, or boulevard in the City of Victoria. 

Street Occupancy Permits grant permission to an individual or company to work within the public right of way and are required any time you are occupying a street, sidewalk, or boulevard in the City of Victoria. 

Street Occupancy Permits can be issued to reserve parking stalls, occupy the sidewalk or boulevard, or obstruct travel lanes. The City prioritizes vulnerable road users’ safety around all work zones. If required, Traffic Control Plans must include accommodation for pedestrians, people with disabilities, and cyclists. 

Permit applications are reviewed to determine the impact to the City’s Transportation network in conjunction with other simultaneous works and their suitability for maintaining level of service for all road users.

Permits are issued on a 
first come first served basisMany factors may influence permitting lead times, such as impacts to traffic signals or bus stop, and coordination with other works or events. For more information including required application timelines and costs, see our Street Occupancy Information Sheet. 

Other Types of Permits 

Utility Permits
If your scope of work requires you to break ground within the City right of way, a Utility Permit is required in addition to a Street Occupancy Permit. Details on how to apply for a Street Occupancy Permit for work related to a Utility Permit can be found within the Utility Permit. Please see the Land Development page for more details. 

Contractor’s Permit 
A Contractor’s Permit is required any time you will be impacting City Infrastructure, such as work to the sidewalk or driveway, curb and gutter, asphalt, or boulevard. Please see the Land Development page for more details.

Special Event Permit 
To learn more about permits for block parties or other community events, check out the Special Event Page .