Accessible Mobility

Victoria’s Accessibility Framework formalizes our commitment to removing barriers and improving accessibility in all areas of city life including programs, services, and infrastructure.

Accessible mobility refers to the ability for people with disabilities to move through the community and access destinations without barriers. People with disabilities can live more freely when the built environment, including parking stalls, sidewalks, roadways, and curb space, is designed and/or adapted to support diverse needs.

By prioritizing accessible mobility, we can directly improve the health, well-being and personal outcomes for residents and visitors, creating a more connected and inclusive community.

In the context of transportation, objectives are focused on promoting accessibility in policy, design, planning, operations, and capital projects. As a part of our commitment to accessibility, we incorporate universal design principles and apply design standards that align with industry and other municipal best practices.


Some steps towards improving accessibility that the City is already taking include:

  • accessible features at intersections (tactile domes, accessible audible signals, curb let-downs)
  • sidewalk and pathway widening to better accomodate mobility scooters/aids
  • updating accessible parking requirements for new construction and modifying our design guidelines for public accessible stalls
  • upgrading transit shelters and dedicating loading zones for acessibilty support vehicles, such as handiDART buses

Continued investments in accessibility upgrades will be identified, implemented and integrated through the City’s annual service planning, capital planning and project management processes.

­­Learn more about the Accessibility Framework and the City’s commitment to reducing barriers in other areas of the built environment, such as parks, buildings, and facilities, as well as in City Policies, Governance, Programs, and Services.

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