A bike-friendly city provides the option for people to cycle comfortably, contributing to the health, well-being, and vibrancy of our community.

Victoria’s compact urban environment and relatively flat topography makes riding a bike a great option for many. Cycling facilities in the City include All Ages and Abilities (AAA) routes (including protected bike lanes, shared-use neighbourhoood bikeways and multi-use pathways), as well as signed bike routes, advisory bike lanes, painted bike lanes, and buffered painted bike lanes.

Click here for a map of safer, more comfortable Alll Ages and Abiliites (AAA) routes.


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Map of all cycling facilities in Victoria:

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Want to learn more about bikes, and how to ride them? The new edition of Bike Sense from the BC Cycling Coalition is available online here

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Warmer weather means busier neighbourhood bikeways and multi-use pathways. If you are cycling, remember to:

  • Slow down in high traffic areas
  • Use your voice or bell to alert other riders and motorists
  • Give lots of space to pass safely – including when sharing “elephant’s feet” crosswalks (those dotted rather than striped)
  • Yield to pedestrians at all intersections including painted crosswalks and floating bus stops
  • Follow the rules of the road on every trip- including using your hand signals when you are turning and come to a full stop at intersections
  • Light up at night- all bikes must have a front white light and rear red light/reflector
  • If it's raining, be prepared for slippery surfaces and slow down
  • When riding on multi-use pathways, stay right except to pass

 Get more tips for everyone sharing neighbourhood bikeways and multi-use pathways.