A bike-friendly City provides the option for people to choose cycling to move around, contributing to the health, well-being and vibrancy of our community.

Victoria’s compact urban environment and relatively flat topography makes riding a bike for transportation or recreation a great option. Cycling facilities in the City include signed bike routes, painted bike lanes, buffered painted bike lanes, and a growing number of All Ages and Abilities (AAA) facilities. AAA Facilities include off-street pathways, protected bike lanes, and traffic-calmed neighbourhood streets.

Map of all cycling facilities in Victoria:

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All Ages and Abilities Cycling Network

Victoria is building a network of All Ages and Abilities cycling routes to improve road safety and connect the downtown core with schools, parks, community centres and other destinations. The City is aiming to complete the 32-kilometer network by the end of 2022.

Looking for more information on the AAA Cycling Network including how we got here and what’s next? Explore the sections below and be sure to navigate to current projects to learn more about cycling network news and developments.

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