Bike Parking

Bike parking amenities are an important part of the cycling network. There are more than 1000 bike parking spaces including over 100 spaces in security-patrolled parkades.

If you’re planning a trip and want to find nearby bike parking, consult this map of public bike racks.

Tip: To view only bike parking on this map, navigate to the ‘layers’ menu, then to ‘layers list’ menu to “turn all layers off” then select only “bike racks” and “street and address labels”. Otherwise, the map will show all parking types in the City.

To learn more about bicycle parking visit the City’s general Parking Services page.

Secure Bike Parking and Bike Theft Prevention Tips

We know that your bike is important to you and the way that you get around the city. Help protect your bike from theft, with the following tips!

Locking and Storing Your Bike

  • Always use a bike rack when available. Do not lock bikes to sign poles, trees or benches. A bike rack ensures that your bike is locked sturdily to the ground. 
  • A U-Lock is the most durable style lock and is the most difficult to cut.  
  • Lock your bike frame and one wheel to a proper bike rack to ensure your whole bike is secure from theft.  
  • Take your bags, lights, helmet and other removeable items with you 
  • Refrain from leaving your bike outside overnight. 

Secure bike parking 

The City knows that secure bike parking is important to you. Available options include: 

  • Bike racks in City parkades where there are designated attendants and/or security 
  • Public bike parking at the Bay Centre (Monthly  access fee)
  • Private secure bike storage at various buildings around the City – talk to your employer about secure bike storage options

Register Your Bike

VICPD successfully recovers many bikes from theft, but they don’t always have the information required to return bikes to their owners. Use these bike registration tools to help ensure your bike gets back to you.  

  • Project 529 Garage is a non-profit organization whose goal is to return stolen bikes to their owners. Register your bike in this online community where you can store details and photos of your bike.
  • VICPDRegister your bike with Victoria Police in person with the bike registry form and some required details about your bike. This will make it much easier for officers to get your bike back to youif it is stolen.


  • You can report a bike theft  to VICPD online or by phone 250-995-7654
  • If you’ve registered your bike through Project 529, you can also report theft there
  • Use social media to spread the word in your community

Other Useful Resources

To request a new public bike rack, read the Bike Parking Request info sheet [PDF] and follow the instructions on how to submit a request.  For requests/questions about public bike racks, email or call 250.361.0300