Bike Parking

We're improving bike parking across the City.

Downtown Victoria Bike Valet

The free, secure bicycle valet in downtown Victoria has closed for 2022 and will return Spring 2023. 

See the results of the 2022 Pilot Season here:

Other secure bike parking options include the Bay Centre (monthly access fee) and private secure bike storage in buildings around the City. Talk to your employer or building manager about options.

Register your bike with Project 529 Garage


Register your bike for free with the Victoria Police Department's official bike registration system, the 529 Garage. If your bike is stolen, you can easily report it to the VicPD and if found, they can return it to you. Remember to also file an official report with the VicPD so you receive a case number.

Help deter bike theft by purchasing a 529 shield from a local bike shop or get one free along with easy registration at the downtown Victoria Bike Valet.

Where you can purchase a 529 shield in the City:

  1. Bicycleitis- 1623 Bay Street
  2. Broad Street Cycles- 1419 Broad Street
  3. Cit-E Cycles- 1006 Hillside Avenue
  4. Dockside Physio Therapy- 399 Tyee Road
  5. Fort Street Cycle- 1025 Fort Street
  6. North Park Bike Store- 1883 Cook Street
  7. Pit Stop Bikes- 1014 Cook Street
  8. The Pedaler- 321 Belleville Street
  9. Victoria Electric Bikes- 2039 Oak Bay Avenue
  10. Bishop’s- 730 Pandora Avenue
  11. Fairfield Bicycle Shop- 390 Moss Street
  12. Giant Victoria- 631 Yates Street
  13. Ride the Glide- 1208 Wharf Street

Request a Public Bike Rack

Request a bike rack as a member of the public or as a business.

The City fabricates a simple, secure, ‘inverted U’ style bicycle rack which accommodates parking for two bicycles at a time. These racks may be installed in a series to create additional parking. We do not sell City bike racks to private property owners.

Considerations made when evaluating requests:

  • Supply of existing bike racks in the surrounding area 
  • Current and anticipated demand for bicycle parking
  • Maintaining accessibility, safety, and enjoyment of the right-of-way
  • Other considerations include existing surface condition/treatment, utility conflicts, and locations of other street furnishings 

We will also consider requests for public bicycle corrals or shelters in high-demand areas. Email with your ideas and let us know if have you spoken to your neighbours about their parking needs.

Bike Locking Techniques and Tips

Cable locks can be easily and quickly cut-through. U-locks and other high-quality locks are harder to cut through. 

Locking your bike frame to the bottom half of the bike rack makes it harder to steal. More locks means more protection for your ride.

Other tips:

  • If you can avoid it, do not leave your bike outside overnight
  • Replace quick release seat and wheel attachments with bolts- ask your local bike shop to change them
  • Lock to a bike rack, not a sign pole or tree. A bike rack ensures your bike is locked sturdily to the ground.
  • Remove bags, lights, helmets and anything else easily removable while it’s parked
  • Find a rack that is highly visible with lots of foot traffic.
  • For more tips and a helpful video on protecting your bike from theft, visit Hub Cycling 

School Bike Shelters

In partnership with SD61, we have added covered bike parking at elementary schools in Victoria, including Sundance-Bank, Margaret Jenkins, Oaklands, Quadra, Sir James Douglas and James Bay Community School.

Other Information

For information on trip enhancement facilities across the Capital Region, view the CRD Regional Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan

Stay tuned for more information about what else we are doing to improve bike parking, including upgrades to the Yates Street Parkade, on-street bike corrals and a Borrow a Bike Lock program.