Victoria's AAA Cycling Network

Victoria is building a network of All Ages and Abilities (AAA) cycling routes across the City. The Network plan was adopted in 2016 and the City is aiming to complete all phases by 2022.

Once the network is complete, 95% of the municipality will be within 500m of a AAA cycling route, providing safe and convenient access to village centres, parks, recreation centres and schools.

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For up to date information on active projects, and opportunities to provide input visit the City’s engagement hub

For a map of all cycling facilities in Victoria, check out the Bike Routes map on VicMap.

For a map of cycling routes throughout the region, check out the CRD's cycling maps: 

CRD 2019 Cycling Map
CRD Digital Cycling Map

Cycling Network Progress

Phase 1: Priority completion of the downtown core where demand and safety risk were highest.

Phase 2: Create regional connections, establish east-west and north-south routes to City boundaries.

Phase 3: Add neighbourhood connections to provide equitable access to network.

Current projects summary:

  • Richardson St, Kings-Haultain, Kimta Rd / E&N Connector, Government Street North, Oaklands Connector, and Fernwood Connector: Construction expected to start in Summer 2021.
  • Fort Street East  and Fort Street Central cycling corridor- Approved by Council in March 2021: Construction expected to start in 2022.
  • James Bay cycling corridors: Final route selection and revised design consultation May 10-June 11, 2021.

 Visit the Current Projects page for more details on the projects above.

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Advisory Bike Lanes

Advisory bike lanes are a shared-use road design that provide dedicated space for cyclists while also supporting two-way vehicle traffic. Low traffic volumes and speeds support this road design. Humboldt Street, which forms part of the City's All Ages and Abilities cycling network, is the first in Victoria to feature advisory bike lanes though this design is used in cities across Canada, the US, and around the world.

Just like our many narrow local streets with no centre line and parked cars on both sides, motorists simply yield to one another and cyclists to pass safely. The dashed lines that form the painted bike lanes indicate that motorists can use this space to pass once they've checked for cyclists.

Advisory bike lanes also remind motorists that riders of all ages may be present and to use caution. 

Check out this short video to learn more about advisory bike lanes.