Reducing Speed Limits within the City of Victoria

Victoria is known for its vibrant town centers, livability and strong, diverse neighbourhoods. We strive to make our community safe for people of all ages to walk, cycle and drive to and from school, work and leisure activities.

At a Special Council Meeting on Thursday, July 17, 2015 Council directed staff to prepared a plan to implement the following amendments to the Streets and Traffic Bylaw:

Reducing the posted speed limit from 50 km to 40 km for the following streets:

  • Richmond Road between Fort Street and Crescent Road
  • Southgate Street
  • Quadra Street
  • Bay Street between Blanshard Street and Richmond Road
  • Douglas Street between Belleville Street and Dallas Road
  • Gorge Road
  • Richardson Street between Cook Street and Gonzales Avenue
  • Within the area of Victoria described in the Official Community Plan as the Downtown Core

Reducing the posted speed limit from 50 km to 30 km for the following street:

  • Cook Street between Southgate Street and Dallas Road

Map of Speed Limit Changes [PDF - 9.6 MB]

Click here [PDF - 2.6 MB] to view the most recent report to Council on Reduced Speed Zones

Currently, under the Motor Vehicle Act, a municipality may establish a default speed limit of 50 km/h. To vary this speed limit, the municipality must pass a bylaw and post signs on all affected streets.

Additional background information:

  • Studies show that lower speeds reduce the probability of both pedestrian accidents and injury
  • Lower speeds on residential roads improves the livability of neighbourhoods
  • Lowering speeds on residential roads may reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and use of fossil fuels 
  • Speed data collected on numerous local roads throughout the City of Victoria suggest the 85th percentile speed on many streets is currently 40-45km/h, primarily due to the physical characteristics of the roadway (available pavement width, and frequency of on-street parking have the greatest impact on vehicle speeds on these streets).   

2013 Staff Report on Speed Limits in the City of Victoria [PDF - 2.5 MB]
2014 Staff Report on Speed Limits in the City of Victoria [PDF - 8.3 MB]