Biketoria Dream Team

The #BIKETORIA project is being led by the City of Victoria, in partnership with an international team of cycling and city-building experts The team includes local engineering and planning firm, Urban Systems, Gehl Studios, 8 80 Cities, and Alta Planning + Design, who will work together to design and support the implementation of a world-class cycling network for Victoria.

Urban  Systems Ltd.  is  a  leading  Canadian inter-disciplinary  consulting  firm, with an office in Victoria.  The company  is  one  of  Canada’s leading pedestrian and bicycle planning firms, and has numerous active  transportation  plans, designs,  across  Western Canada.  They  are  acknowledged  as  a  leader in  the  field  of  bicycle  facility  design.

Meet The #BIKETORIA Team

The team also includes some of the most prominent global cycling experts, including:

Gil Penalosa, founder of 8 80 Cities and former Commissioner of Parks, Sport, and Recreation for the City of Bogotá, Columbia

Gil is Founder and Chair of the Board of 8 80 Cities.Because of Gil’s unique blend of pragmatism and passion, his leadership and advice is sought out by many cities and organizations. Over the past eight years, Gil has worked in over 180 different cities across six continents. As former Commissioner of Parks, Sport and Recreation for the City of Bogotá, Colombia, Gil was an integral part of the city’s much celebrated transformation of public space and sustainable mobility during the late 1990s. Gil’s team also initiated the “new Ciclovia,” a program that sees over one million people walk, run, skate, and bike along 121 kilometres of Bogotá’s city roads every Sunday, and today is internationally recognized and emulated.

Mia Birk, President and CEO of Alta Planning + Design, and former Bicycle Program Manager for the City of Portland

Mia is the CEO of Alta Planning + Design. She has spent her entire career creating active communities. She is the author of Joyride: Pedaling Toward a Healthier Planet, which tells the behind-the-scenes story of how a group of determined visionaries transformed Portland into a cycling mecca and inspired the nation. She has been at the forefront of numerous groundbreaking studies and organizations, and was a co-founder of Portland State University’s Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation and the Cities for Cycling Project and Urban Bikeway Design Guide of the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO)..

Andreas Røhl, cycling specialist with Gehl Architects & Studio, and former Bicycle Program Manager for the City of Copenhagen

Andreas is an internationally renowned cycling specialist. Andreas was formerly the City of Copenhagen’s Bicycle Programme Manager. Through his seven years at the City of Copenhagen, Andreas gained unique insights into promoting cycling in urban areas via both hard and soft infrastructure. Andreas focused on bicycle policies and strategies to improve conditions for cycling; communication and marketing of cycling issues within Copenhagen and abroad; and working closely with the bicycle industry, NGOs and other public institutions, to promote cycling. Andreas developed Copenhagen’s 2012 Cycling Strategy and “Design Guidelines for Great Cycle Roads”. With Gehl Architects, Andreas is working to create efficient urban transport systems, with a focus on sustainable transportion as a means to creating liveable cities.


BC Parkway Pathway and Cycle Track Feasibility, Conceptual, and Detailed Design Services (2013-2014)

Urban Systems provided feasibility evaluation, conceptual, and detailed design services for 4 km of improvements in seven locations along the BC Parkway, an important regional multi-use pathway running through Metro Vancouver and spanning several municipalities, including Vancouver, New Westminster, and Surrey. Urban Systems helped advance a number of unique features through the design process, including a two-way cycle-track in a dense, urban environment integrated with off-street pathways, bicycle crossing improvements, specification of porous asphalt, rain garden treatments, and unique bicycle amenities, including bicycle foot rests, bike counters, a bike repair station, and wayfinding signage. Read more about Urban Systems here 

GEHL ARCHITECTS Columbus Mobility Plan - Columbus, GA (2015)

Developing the Mobility and Public Space Plan involved civic engagement and favorite places workshops to understand what people love, to identify the city’s assets, and to explore how people want to move around Columbus. Gehl also conducted a Public Space, Public Life (PSPL) study to observe how people walk and bike, where they stay, and who they are in terms of age and gender and a Mobility Workshop that sent city and civic leaders out to report on their experience traveling from key destinations by foot, bike, public transit or car. The Mobility Plan outlines a network as well as focus areas in which pilot projects can be used to test certain interventions, such as protected bike lanes. Read more about Gehl Architects here 

8 80 CITIES Integrated Mobility Study - City of Red Deer (2012-2013)

8 80 Cities, in partnership with Gehl Architects trained, mentored and advised the City of Red Deer on strategies to create more viable alternatives to single occupant vehicle travel in their transportation network. The purpose of the study was to confirm and test the transportation vision set out by Council with the goal of encouraging more active and sustainable modes of transportation in the City where 90% of trips are taken by car. The final report produced by 8 80 Cities included five key “plays” for the City to integrate and focus their efforts, and specific strategies, recommendations, and targets. Read more about 8 80 Cities here 

ALTA PLANNING City Centre Cycle Track Network Design (2013 - 2015)

Alta led the design of a cycle track network for downtown Calgary, Alberta. Following a review of best practices in cycle track design, Alta designed a conceptual 9-kilometer network of cycle tracks for the downtown area. A number of considerations were featured in Alta’s designs, including potential bicycle and motor vehicle traffic conflicts, safety outcomes, intersection treatments, and alternative routes. Elected officials voted to implement 5.5 kilometres of the network as a comprehensive trial in 2015. These routes opened on July 1, 2015. Constructing a major portion of the network as a complete package is a unique approach that will cement Calgary’s place as a leading city for cycling. Read more about Alta Planning here 


Quote from Gil Penalosa, founder and President of 8 to 80:
“Victoria has the potential to be the first Canadian city to have a world class bicycle infrastructure. We have the opportunity to get people of all ages and abilities riding bikes as a normal part of everyday life. Victoria is an ideal biking city—it’s compact, mild, and truly beautiful. And a bikeable city brings multiple benefits, including improving the physical and mental health, having a cleaner environment, stronger economic development and enhanced mobility for all.”