Biketoria Feedback

What We've Heard

Biketoria Summit & Engagement Labs 
November 1 & 2, 2015 

Thank you to everyone who attended the #BIKETORIA Summit and braved the elements to participate in the #BIKETORIA Engagement Labs! On November 1 and 2, over 400 residents, stakeholders, and community leaders came to learn about Victoria’s 2018 All Ages and Abilities bike network and share feedback with the #BIKETORIA team. 

This is what we heard in the first round of engagement: Engagement Interim Report

This latest phase of engagement began on November 1 at the Cook Street Pop-Up event hosted by the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network and the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition, where residents test rode a separated bike lane and provided input on the proposed AAA network. Immediately following that, nearly 200 residents came to hear Mayor Lisa Helps, Gil Penalosa of 8 80 Cities, and Mia Birk of Alta Planning + Design speak about the future biking in Victoria. On November 2, the #BIKETORIA team displayed information about the AAA network and collected resident feedback during the #BIKETORIA Engagement Labs at the Central Library and at Wharf and Government.

The #BIKETORIA team will analyze the feedback and report their findings in November. The information and feedback collected will be used to produce design concepts for each corridor on the AAA network. Residents will have the opportunity to see and provide input on the design concepts at the #BIKETORIA Salons, which will be held December 1-3, 2015.

If you missed the event, but still have questions you can contact the City at:

Thank you again to everyone who has contributed their voice and participated in the process of making Victoria the greatest bike city in North America. We look forward to continuing this conversation online and in person in December.

Biketoria Neighbourhood Salons 
Tuesday, December 1 to Thursday, December 3, 2015

Three Biketoria Neighbourhood Salons were held at accessible community hubs across the city and provided an opportunity for residents to learn more and offer input on the design concepts before the next level of detailed conceptual designs are developed. The conversations that took place at the Salons will help ensure that each corridor meets the expectations of residents, and helps mitigate any concerns related to safety, traffic congestion, cost, parking or transit impacts. 

In addition to the Biketoria Neighbourhood Salons a meeting specifically for neighbourhood association boards and land-use committees, is being planned early February. This meeting will benefit from having heard further community input on the detailed corridor concepts, and will assist in identifying key concerns and next steps to explore where additional consultation may be required in future. 

The salons, online input, and the neighbourhoods meeting will inform a Biketoria Capital Implementation Strategy to prioritize investment to establish a minimum grid of cycling infrastructure. Prioritization of the minimum grid for the cycling network will ensure the network maximizes safety and facilitates active transportation as an attractive mode share while minimizing impacts to transit, vehicle movements, removal of parking, and additional cost implications. It also contemplates the need for further consultation and detailed planning on corridors outside of the priority ones to be identified.