2020 Projects

2020 Bicycle Network Improvement Projects

The next phase of development for the City's bicycle network is focused on connecting All Ages and Abilities (AAA) infrastructure in the downtown core to residential neighbourhoods, employment centres, schools, parks, and recreation centres. Corridors that will be improved in 2020 include:

  • Kings-Haultain corridor (Douglas to Richmond Rd)
  • Government Street North (Pandora to Gorge Rd)
  • Richardson Street (Vancouver to Foul Bay Rd)
  • Kimta Road (Johnson Street Bridge to E&N regional trail)

From October 2019 to January 2020, City staff collected public input on preliminary designs for the 2020 projects through online and in person activities. 

Over 1,000 participants including commuters, residents, and stakeholders provided input, comments, suggestions, and insights.

City staff recorded and reviewed all feedback, met with agency partners, undertook further technical analysis, and further refined the preliminary designs. In the first quarter of 2020, staff will present recommended designs to Council for consideration.

**Due to unforeseen exceptional circumstances, the presentation to Council for 2020 projects has been postponed. For updates on these projects, check back regularly and subscribe to our active transportation distribution list.**

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Advisory Bike Lanes

Advisory bike lanes are a shared-use road design being considered for some of the 2020 corridors. This design is used in other countries and is being implemented more in cities in the US and Canada. This short video will explain how people in cars and on bikes share roads with advisory bike lanes.