2020 Projects

2020 Bicycle Network Improvement Projects

The next phase of development for the City's bicycle network is focused on connecting All Ages and Abilities (AAA) infrastructure in the downtown core to residential neighbourhoods, employment centres, schools, parks, and recreation centres. Corridors that will be improved in 2020 include:

  • Kings-Haultain corridor
  • Government Street North
  • Richardson Street
  • Kimta Road

Since October 11th, City staff have been collecting community input through an online survey, neighbourhood meetings, on-street information stations, and corridor tours providing valuable insights, areas of concern, and opportunities for road safety improvements.

Check out the latest design concepts at one of the upcoming Open House events, scheduled from November 30 to December 7. Residents can see full-length corridor design concepts, talk to City staff and provide feedback for each of the projects. For full details about upcoming engagement events, visit engage.victoria.ca.

View the latest design concepts online at the links below. Feedback can be submitted to engage@victoria.ca.

All feedback received will be considered in the preparation of recommended design concepts which will be presented to Council in early 2020.

PDF design files:

2020 Projects - Overview Map [PDF - 25 MB]

Kings-Blackwood-Haultain [PDF - 3 MB]

Government Street North [PDF - 1 MB]

Richardson Street [PDF - 2 MB]

Kimta Road [PDF - 2 MB]

Advisory Bike Lanes

Advisory bike lanes are one of the treatments being considered for some of the 2020 corridors. This short video will explain how people driving vehicles and people riding bikes can share the road.