Harbour Road

Design: The Harbour Road corridor creates a safer and more comfortable connection between the Galloping Goose Trail and the multi-use pathway of the Johnson Street Bridge. The design proposes a two-way protected bike facility on the east side of the street. This design retains on-street parking and can accommodate driveway access to the industrial properties on Harbour Road.


Engagement: The insights and feedback from the public gathered this spring will help inform the recommended designs that will be presented to Council later this summer. Detailed design is anticipated for the summer and construction starting in the fall.

Click here to see the design concepts and engagement content for the 2019 projects:Harbour Road 2019 Engagement Boards.pdf [PDF - 5 MB]

The best designs come from the insights, experience and ideas of neighbours, commuters and people who use these corridors. We invite you to help us explore the ideas and strategies to improve safety for people on bicycles and balance the needs of all road users.