Humboldt St.

The Humboldt corridor will form the southern edge of the downtown active transportation network and be a shared roadway where traffic calming will reduce vehicle speeds and traffic volumes to increase the level of comfort for people on bikes sharing the roadway with vehicles.

Status: The Humboldt Street protected bike lanes from Government Street to the new Douglas/Humboldt plaza opened in August 2019. The new urban plaza features new street trees, benches and seating, outdoor table tennis, bike parking, and pedestrian and bicycle crossing enhancements. A community street mural will be added through a partnership with the Greater Victoria Place-Making Network, and the City is distributing table tennis paddles and balls to nearby schools, businesses, hotels, and residences.



The remainder of the Humboldt Street shared-use cycling facilities open in Summer 2020 after the underground infrastructure and road paving improvements are complete.

Advisory Bike Lanes

Humboldt Street - between Douglas and Vancouver - is the first in VIctoria to feature Advisory Bike Lanes. This design is used in othe cities in BC, across Canada, in the US and in Europe. This short video will explain how people in cars and on bikes share roads featuring advisory bike lanes.


Throughout 2017 and 2018 staff met with business owners, employees, residents, commercial service providers, emergency service providers, BC Transit, community associations and business associations to get an understanding of the opportunities and constraints to improve mobility options for a diverse range of users on Wharf Street. Engagement phases were as follows:

  • July to October 2017 – Early engagement with key stakeholders
  • September to December 2017 – Consultation on emerging design concepts
  • March 2018 – Consultation on preferred design concepts
  • July 2018 – Engagement on construction management and sequencing with property owners


Project Funding Partners: