Recent Cycling Projects

 All road design projects now take cycling into consideration: providing space for cyclists, removing potential hazards and installing infrastructure.

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In 2014 the City of Victoria began an engagement process to update the Bicycle Master Plan that will guide cycling improvements over the next 25 years.  To date this engagement has resulted in:

  • An updated bicycle network map to guide improvements in the next 25 years, including identification of All Ages and Abilities routes,
  • Six cycling improvements areas to be implemented over the next five years and
  • Four new improvement projects for 2014.

Cycling Improvement Areas

Public feedback was used to identify areas for cycling improvements over the next five years.

The streets which will see cycling improvements over the next five years are:

  • Pandora Avenue between Store Street and Cook Street
  • Johnson Street between Store Street and Cook Street
  • Vancouver Street route (from Vancouver Street/Park Boulevard, to Fifth Street/Tolmie Avenue, via Graham Street and Fifth Street)
  • Off-Bay Street route (Haultain Street/Kings Road between Richmond Road and Dowler Street)
  • Off-Shelbourne Street route (Doncaster Drive/North Dairy Road to Gonzales Beach)
  • Wharf Street/Belleville Street route between Pandora Avenue and Oswego Street.

Here is a map showing these improvement areas:

2014-2019PriorityNetworkImprovements.pdf [PDF - 1.6 MB]

New Improvement Projects for 2014

Four new smaller cycling improvement projects for 2014 were identified through the engagement process. Here is an update of the progress made.

Widening of The Galloping Goose Trail

An additional two-meter wide portion of the Galloping Goose Trail south of the Selkirk Trestle has been paved and stamped with a textured treatment and will be coloured as weather permits. These improvements will help create more space for pedestrians and cyclists.

Improved Cycling Connection: Convent  Place at Vancouver Street

New cycle-friendly curb let downs are now being installed to improve cycling connections at this intersection.

Improved Cycling Connection: Collinson Street at Quadra Street

Improvements include widening the sidewalk to eliminate pinch points for pedestrians and improving ramps that enable bikes and wheelchairs to better access Quadra from Collinson, a dead end road.  Will be completed in early 2015.

Doncaster Greenway Cycling Improvements

Doncaster Greenway is located between Hillside Avenue and Myrtle Street, offering a green connection between Hillside Mall and the Oaklands neighbourhood.  A ramp onto Myrtle Street now offers a better connection for cyclists.  The path will be widened and realigned to better accommodate cyclists and pedestrians in 2016.

Existing Improvement Projects for 2014/ 2015

Learn about improvement projects that are already underway or in planning for 2014 and 2015.  The list includes a cycle track, work on the E&N Rail Trail, Skinner Street bike lanes and priority transit and cycling lanes on Douglas.  Did you know that approximately 50% of deck space on the new Johnson Street Bridge will be dedicated to pedestrians and bikes?  Learn more about these upcoming cycling projects here.

Here are a few details about work on these projects:

Skinner Street Bike Lanes

The final link of bike lanes connecting Victoria, Esquimalt, View Royal and Colwood along Craiglfower Road is currently underway. Construction is occurring  between Bay Street and Catherine Street.  Buffered bike lanes, with extra space marked between cars and bikes, are being added on the northbound side to provide more space for cyclists pedaling uphill.  Regular bike lanes are being added on the southbound side.

Cook Street Bike Lane Segment

A segment of bike lanes has been added along Cook Street, close to Finlayson Street.  This new section helps cyclists maneuver into the Finlayson Avenue bike lanes while also connecting with Saanich’s bike lanes along Cook Street.


The following projects are currently being constructed or planned:

A cycle track project is being planned.  A cycle track is a bike lane that is physically separated from moving traffic by a barrier or parked cars and can be slightly raised.  A 1.3 km route on Pandora Avenue between Cook Street and Store Street is in the planning process. 


Approximately 50% of the deck space on the new Johnson Street Bridge will be dedicated to pedestrians and bikes. Learn more here.

The E & N Rail Trail will connect Victoria, Esquimalt and the West Shore.  The CRD is currently completing safety upgrades at the Wilson Street crossing. Read more here.  

Priority transit and cycling lanes on Douglas Street are currently under construction. Learn more about this project here.