Capital Funding for Cycling Infrastructure


$520,000 was allocated for Bicycle Master Plan implementation in 2014.  $240,000 – $250,000 has been identified for Bicycle Master Plan implementation for each of the following four years.

In addition, other transportation capital projects also result in improved conditions for cyclists.
• Paving projects improve road surface conditions for cyclists.
• Road rehabilitation projects, including the installation or upgrade of crosswalks and underground utilities projects, can
involve moving curbs to provide space for cycling facilities.
• Traffic signal work can include equipment that detects the presence of cyclists at intersections.

In 2014, approximately $1.5 million of the Transportation Capital budget will go towards improvements that benefit cycling and walking. The City also actively pursues grant programs with senior levels of government to accelerate the completion of our cycling network.


Securing Funding for the Next Five Years

The cost of the six new cycling improvement areas over the next five years is expected to be approximately $5 million.  Current funding for Bicycle Master Plan Implementation for this time period is approximately $1.25 million. In order to address the gap in funding, the City will continue to coordinate with ongoing redevelopment projects and pursue external funding sources such as the Province’s Cycling Infrastructure Partnership Program (CIPP) and ICBC’s Road Improvement Program.  Funding for the Bicycle Master Plan will also be brought forward in the City's strategic planning process that will take place in early 2015.


Recent Cycling Projects, Costs and Funding

  • Johnson Street and Wharf Street Bike Box (2004) – a coloured bike box was installed.
    • Cost - $2,500
    • Funded by Bicycle Master Plan budget


  • Covered Bike Parking outside of MEC (Government Street between Johnson and Pandora) (2007) – a covered bike parking shelter for 23 bikes was installed, with minor sidewalk and curb realignment required to accommodate the shelter. 
    • Cost - $24,000
    • Funded by the Bicycle Master Plan budget and a contribution of $10,000 by a local business


  • Bike Lanes on Craigflower Road (between Arm and Catherine Street) (2012) – marked bike lanes were installed with substantial curb realignment, landscaped median islands, improved sidewalks, and traffic signal upgrades. 
    • Cost - $506,000
    • Funded with budget from Traffic Signals, Parks, Pedestrian Master Plan, Road Rehabilitation work and the Bicycle Master Plan


  • Buffered Bike Lanes on Pandora Avenue (Johnson Street, Begbie Street and Shelbourne Street) (2013/2014) – buffered bike lanes were installed on these corridors, with minor curb and sidewalk work. 
    • Cost - $350,000 
    • Funded by the annual Bicycle Master Plan budget, with an additional $32,000 received from the Provincial Government


  • Pandora Avenue Cycle Track (between Cook Street and Store Street) (in planning stage) – a 1.3 km cycle track, physically separated from moving traffic by raised medians and on-street parking, is proposed for this corridor. 
    • Preliminary cost estimate - $1,350,000
    • Funding sources are yet to be determined