Guiding Cycling Policy

Learn about the policies that set direction and goals for biking in Victoria. 

Victoria's Official Community Plan

The City of Victoria adopted a new Official Community Plan in 2012.  Over 6,000 citizens contributed to the creation of the plan, which will guide growth and change in Victoria over the next 30 years.  The Official Community Plan sets out high-level, city-wide policies related to many different issues, including the future of cycling in Victoria. 

Victoria’s Official Community Plan includes these two goals:

  • By 2041, 70% of all trips to work will be bike, walking or transit.
  • By 2041, 60% of all trips will be by bike, walking or transit.


With regard to cycling, the Official Community Plan encourages:

- Linking common destinations along the cycling network, including:

  • Downtown, town centres, urban villages
  • Major destinations including parks, schools, institutions, community centres, major workplaces
  • Popular tourist destinations

- Aligning the Official Community Plan, Greenways Plan, Pedestrian Master Plan and regional plans

- Better integrating transit and cycling

- A number of other policies direct specific improvements to cycling route connections, facilities, infrastructure and urban design.

The Bicycle Master Plan will identify how these policies will be implemented on the ground. 

Downtown Core Area Plan

In addition to the Official Community Plan, there are also cycling-related policies in the Downtown Core Area Plan and other local area plans. For example, the Downtown Core Area Plan encourages:

- Building and completing a downtown cycling route network (see above map)

- Linking downtown cycling routes with adjacent neighbourhoods, Greenways, regional trails, and major destinations

- Making improvements to specific intersections

- Encouraging bicycle parking in key public locations, and bicycle parking and amenities in new private developments

Capital Regional District's Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan

The CRD’s  Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan  describes a strategic approach to get significantly more people biking and walking throughout the region.  It identifies guidelines, policies and standards to guide the development of Victoria’s bicycle network.

The Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan includes this goal:

  • By 2038, 25% of all urban trips will be made by bike.