Wharf Street

The Wharf Street Cycling Lane is Open! 

Wharf Street pedestrian and cycling improvements are now open from Pandora Avenue to Humboldt Street! The protecte bike lanes continue along Humboldt to Douglas and shared-use facilities on Humboldt to Parkington will be complete in Spring 2020. These investments focus on improving road safety and are designed to balance all road user needs.

Get to know the new Wharf Street

We're continuing to invest in active transportation as a way to help increase the vibrancy of our downtown and improve safety and comfort for all road users.

With the opening of the Wharf/Humboldt corridor, watch for new pedestrian crossings, a two-way protected bike lane, a pedestrian scramble crosswalk, and two new urban plazas with street trees and seating.

All users should watch for new movements and be courteous when navigating the corridor.

These new features are designed to support all road users. For more helpful tips and what to expect: Get to know the new Wharf Street

Government & Wharf/Humboldt

  • Pedestrians proceed in any direction only when the walk signal is activated
  • Motorists be prepared for new routing options and lane changes
  • Pedestrians look both ways before crossing the bike lanes
  • Cyclists must be prepared to stop for pedestrians at marked crossings and can only proceed through the intersection when the bike signal is green

Specific Intersection Information

Pandora and Wharf Intersection

  • Pedestrian and Bicycle signals are now automatic - no need to push the button. Cyclists should only proceed on the green bike lights.
  • Janion plaza is a shared use zone - travel slowly and respectfully, use voice and bell when required.
  • When travelling south on Store Street, cyclists must yield to pedestrians and other cyclists. Cyclists travelling north on Store Street are required to share the northbound vehicle lane.

Fort and Wharf Intersection

  • Cyclists must wait for the green bicycle signal before proceeding
  • Cyclists are required to queue in designated area when turning from Wharf Street to Fort Street
  • Always be prepared to stop for pedestrians at every marked crossing
  • Pedestrians are required to cross Wharf Street at the designated crossing to the south

Yates and Wharf Intersection

  • Cyclists should always be prepared to stop for pedestrians at every marked crossing
  • If you see someone with a white cane or guide dog at the bus stop, come to a full stop and communicate it is safe to cross
  • Motorists and cyclists to use caution at driveways - green conflict paint indicates areas shared with vehicles

Douglas & Humboldt/Burdett

  • Cyclists must wait for the green bicycle signal before proceeding and be prepared to stop for pedestrians at marked crossings
  • Humboldt Plaza is the start of a shared-use street – vehicles travel slowly and yield to cyclists
  • Emergency vehicles and horse and carriages are permitted to enter

Ship Point Exit:

Vehicles exiting Ship Point are now required to take a right turn onto Wharf Street and are legally obligated to yield to pedestrians, cyclists and oncoming vehicles. The right turn onto Wharf Street can be challenging for motorists, due to the topography, so should be navigated carefully, at slow speeds.

The City has recently made investments with the Wharf Street project to improve sightlines by removing parking immediately adjacent to the driveway and restricting left turns out of the Ship Point exit. Other improvements that are complete or underway include:

  • Green paint on the road highlights the conflict zone for motorists and cyclists
  • Driveway markings to indicate right turns only
  • Radar-activated flashing warning signs will also be added for increased visibility and awareness

What to Expect on Wharf Street

All users are encouraged to watch for new traffic signals, to use caution when navigating the corridor, and to respect others by always following the rules of the road.

When fully complete, new features along the Wharf/Humboldt corridor include:

  • eight improved pedestrian crossings
  • a two-way protected bike lane along Wharf Street and Humboldt Street
  • a shared use roadway design on Humboldt Street east of Douglas Street to Vancouver Street
  • a new pedestrian scramble crosswalk where pedestrians can cross in all directions
  • two urban plazas with new street trees, benches and urban play features
  • a new pedestrian-controlled traffic signal at Yates Street
  • a new traffic signal at the Johnson Street Bridge
  • a new bus stop near the entrance to Reeson Park
  • new paint markings at driveways and intersections
  • new connections to the Pandora Avenue and Fort Street protected bike lanes


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