Wharf St.

Wharf Street is a strategic corridor that provides a direct link for residents of James Bay and Fairfield to both the E&N and Galloping Goose regional trails.

Project Highlights:

  • The project tender has been awarded to Brunnel Construction
  • Construction has started and will continue through to Summer 2019
  • Priority construction efforts will be focused between the Johnson Street Bridge and Douglas Street over the next five months to minimize disruption to tourist summer season
  • Overall substantial completion is expected by August 2019
  • Businesses and residents will be kept informed of progress during construction
  • Once complete, the corridor will have eight improved pedestrian crossings, a two-way protected bike lane, traffic calming elements east of Douglas Street and two new urban plazas with six new street trees, benches and other public realm amenities
  • Wharf Humboldt Design Overview - March 2019.pdf [PDF - 3 MB]


What to expect along Wharf/Humboldt during construction:

All construction activities will be coordinated to minimize the related impacts to on-street parking and traffic flow. Access to all businesses will be maintained throughout the duration of the project and construction activities will be taking place Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm with consideration for peak morning and afternoon travel peaks.

Construction is scheduled to last until the end of July 2019 with the Pandora Avenue to Douglas Street section prioritized within the schedule during the winter and spring months to minimize disruption during the busier tourist season.  Less disruptive construction activities such as pavement markings, signage, signal pole installation and landscaping will be undertaken in the later months of the project.  

On occasions there will be localized impacts including periodic lane closures, temporary pedestrian diversions, road paving, concrete cutting, and temporary impacts to on-street parking and loading on the west (waterfront) side of the street. Special event coordination is also underway and City staff are working to support and coordinate as many seasonal events as possible.


Throughout 2017 and 2018 staff met with business owners, employees, residents, commercial service providers, emergency service providers, BC Transit, community associations and business associations to get an understanding of the opportunities and constraints to improve mobility options for a diverse range of users on Wharf Street. Engagement phases were as follows:

  • July to October 2017 – Early engagement with key stakeholders
  • September to December 2017 – Consultation on emerging design concepts
  • March 2018 – Consultation on preferred design concepts
  • July 2018 – Engagement on construction management and sequencing with property owners

Stay informed:

WharfHumboldtStakeholderUpdate-Feb14.pdf [PDF - 71 KB]

WharfHumboldtStakeholderUpdate-March6.pdf [PDF - 405 KB]

If you'd like to stay up to date on the project the City will circulate regular updates via email, so request to be added to the list by emailing engage@victoria.ca 

Project Funding Partners: