Pedestrian Master Plan

The Pedestrian Master Plan is designed to make walking easier in Victoria - a blueprint for improving the pedestrian experience for citizens and visitors.

It is designed to make sidewalks, pathways, and crosswalks safer and more accessible as well as improve lighting. It will also prioritize construction of new sidewalks, make policy recommendations to ensure that pedestrians' needs are given higher consideration in all new road construction and development planning; and set out new guidelines for sidewalk widths, streetscaping and accessibility.

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Why Have a Plan?

Victoria's mild climate and compact urban area, make walking a popular mode of transportation for many residents, and contribute to the overall health and vibrancy of the city. Pedestrian-friendly pathways improve a person's health and well-being, and encourage people to leave their cars at home.

Victoria's Pedestrian Master Plan helps identify pedestrian infrastructure that requires improvement, to make walking an easy and enjoyable activity and potential transportation method for all citizens.

Frequently Asked Questions

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