Garbage Rates

Residential garbage is billed based on the legal occupancy of the property (the number of dwelling units) not the number of cans collected.

  • Single Family Dwelling = 1 dwelling unit
  • Duplex = 2 dwelling units
  • Triplex = 3 dwelling units
  • Fourplex = 4 dwelling units
  • and so on...

What is the residential garbage rate per dwelling unit and when was the last rate change?

Effective January 1, 2020 the new rates are as follows:

  •   80 Litre Bin = $66.63 every 4 months
  • 120 Litre Bin = $76.30 every 4 months
  • 180 Litre Bin = $90.81 every 4 months
  • No grey garbage bin = $66.63 every 4 months

What happens if I want to change my bin size, or the bin is lost or damaged?

  • Change of Bin Size = $30 per request.   Click here to request a change.
  • Lost or Damaged Bin = Actual Cost of Replacement / Repair of Bin

How much are extra garbage tickets?

The fee for extra garbage tickets is $4 each at a maximum of 15 kg per bag.

Where can I find more information about the Kitchen Scraps and Garbage Program?

Kitchen Scraps and Garbage Program

Are there garbage discount rates for 5 dwellings or more that have their garbage cans grouped in one location?