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Single-use Item Reduction: The City is looking for feedback from residents and businesses on a newly published Consultation Paper, proposing new actions to reduce single-use item waste and #MakeReuseTheNorm. Have your say: Engagement is open until November 22nd, 2021.


Zero Waste Victoria is a plan to reduce waste disposal by 50% by 2040. This plan was approved by Council on December 10th, 2020.

Read the report to Council: Report_Zero Waste Victoria.pdf [PDF]

Council also approved a Short Term Action Plan to guide zero waste initiatives from 2021 through 2023.
Key actions include:
  • Development of new single-use item regulations
  • Changes to building permits to reuse and recycle materials from building demolitions
  • New requirements for organics and recycling at multifamily and commercial properties
  • Enhancements to the City's solid waste services

Waste in our Community

Every day across the City of Victoria, over 120 tonnes of materials are disposed and sent to the landfill. This waste includes demolished buildings, uneaten food, plastic and paper packaging, and old clothes and furniture. Reconsidering these materials as valuable resources instead of garbage and keeping them in use is a foundational principle of the circular economy and the area where cities have the biggest role to play in the transition to a more circular and sustainable future.

Over the past two, years staff have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the materials generated across all sectors of the community, identifying key areas where the City can make an impact. 



When developing strategies and actions to reduce materials, our decisions are guided by the Waste Reduction Hierarchy. This decision-making framework illustrates where actions should be prioritized to reach the most sustainable option. For example, the most desirable outcome would be reducing or reusing an item. The least desirable outcome is disposal of an item in the landfill. As a city, we are working to integrate these priorities into our waste management decisions.


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