Food Waste

The City of Victoria is proud to be a founding partner in a national program to reduce food waste in Canada.

The Love Food Hate Waste campaign aims to change Canadians’ behaviours around food and dramatically reduce the significant amount of food wasted across the country every day. 

Did you know?

  • Canadians are among the worst of the developed nations when it comes to food waste, with about 47 percent of food waste occurring in the home.
  • 63% of household foodwaste in Canada is avoidable.
  • An average household throws away $1,000 of edible food per year.
  • For Canada as a whole that amounts to almost 2.2 million tonnes of edible food wasted each year, costing Canadians in excess of $17 billion and contributing to Canada's greenhouse gas emissions.

The campaign offers practical and easy tips for keeping and storing fresh food, using up existing ingredients and better planning to avoid over-purchasing food.

The campaign is based on a successful model in the United Kingdom, where avoidable household food waste was cut by 21 percent in its first five years, saving UK consumers £13 billion.

Let’s stop wasting food. Learn more about the campaign here.

Love Food Hate Waste Canada 2018 LFHW from Metro Vancouver on Vimeo.