Plastic Checkout Bags

Did you hear? Our Checkout Bag Bylaw is back in effect!

Let's keep working towards our zero waste goals of reducing waste by 50% by 2040. Remember to bring your own bag when supporting local businesses and help eliminate unnessary single-use items from our community. 

The City of Victoria introduced the first municipal single-use item regulation in British Columbia with the adoption of its Checkout Bag Regulation Bylaw in January 2018. Victoria businesses and residents have remained committed to minimize plastic waste in the community. 

Businesses have also found ways to allow the use of reusable shopping bags while keeping staff and consumers safe.  

Checkout Bag Bylaw Update 

Update April 15, 2021: The revised Checkout Bag Regulation Bylaw No. 20-205  is now back in effect. 

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy approved the bylaw in March 2020 and while it was recognized that many businesses continue to allow reusable bags, Council delayed final reading to April 15, 2021 to ensure businesses had ample time to prepare for compliance with the requirements. 

Single-use checkout bag requirements

The Checkout Bag Regulation Bylaw requires businesses to: 

  • Eliminate the distribution of plastic checkout bags (including compostable or biodegradable plastic bags) 

  • Ask customers whether they require a checkout bag 

  • Charge a 25fee for paper bags and $2 fee for reusable bags to encourage customers to bring their own reusable bags. 

  • Distribute checkout bags that meet the following specifications: 

Paper Bags: made from paper and containing least 40% post-consumer recycled content; and labelled as recyclable.

Reusable Bags: designed and manufactured to be capable of at least 100 uses; and primarily made of cloth or other washable fabric.

Business Resources

Checkout Bag Regulation Bylaw No. 20-025 - 2018.pdf [PDF - 146 KB]

BYO Bag Printable Poster (Colour) [PDF - 854 KB]

BYO Bag Printable Poster (Black & White)  [PDF - 853 KB]

BYO Bag Printable Till Toppers [PDF - 2 MB]

BYO Bag Printable FAQs [PDF - 705 KB]

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