Sanitary sewers are maintained in order to protect public health and the City's investment in this underground infrastructure.

Pipes can corrode, erode, collapse, clog, and, ultimately, deteriorate. Our sewer system's capacity can be reduced by accumulations or obstructions such as grease, garbage, rags, paper towels, and by materials described as "disposable" by a manufacturer. This also includes any material that may enter at the joints or through breaks in the sewer line itself, such as roots or soil materials, or rain and groundwater.

Emergency Contact Numbers


Call 250.361.0400 to report instances of flooding.

Plugged Sewers or Storm Drains

Call 250.361.0400 to get assistance and information regarding plugged sewers or drains.

Plumbing Reimbursements

Call 250.361.0411 for questions regarding plumbing reimbursements.

Online Form

For non-emergencies please use the service request form.

Further Information