Low Density Residential Rainwater Rewards

How to Apply for Rainwater Rewards

Owner-occupied low density residential homes with 1-4 units can apply for the Rainwater Rewards rebate and credit programs.

Rental and investments properties can apply for the ongoing credit program.

  • The City is offering rebates of between $35 and $1,500 to assist with the upfront cost of installing rainwater management methods for eligible owner-occupied properties
  • An ongoing 10% credit off the annual stormwater utility bill is available to all low density residential properties.
  • Approved Rainwater Management Methods:
    • Rain barrels
    • Cisterns
    • Rain gardens
    • Infiltration chambers
    • Permeable paving
    • Bioswales

Program Requirements

1. Please review the Rainwater Management Standards:  Rainwater Management Standards - DIY For Your Home June 2015 Edition [PDF - 3.2 MB]

DIY Rainwater Management Standards have been developed for all of the above, with the exception of bioswales which must be completed by a professional.  They must be followed when applying for Rainwater Rewards:

2. Apply for Rainwater Rewards

Please submit your application before you begin work on your property, and have electronic copies of plans, etc. ready for submission.  If you have completed work prior to May 2015, you can apply for annual credits off your stormwater utility bill, but not rebates. If you are applying for completed work, please have electronic copies of receipts, photos, plans, etc. for submission with  your application.  Apply now.

Credits Available

Rainwater Management


Min. Size

Min. Area

Treated (sq. m)

Cistern 1200L 25 10%
Infiltration Chamber   25 10%
Rain Garden   25 10%


  25 10%
Permeable Paving 10 sq. m   10%

Permeable Paving with


  25 10%


Rebates Available

Rainwater Management


Min Size/

area Treated

$/L $/sq. m Min. Rebate Max. Rebate
Rain Barrel 350 L $0.10 N/A $35 $100
Cistern 1200 L $0.15 N/A $180 $600

Rain Garden/Bioswale/

Infiltration Chamber

25 sq. m   N/A $375 $1,000
Permeable Pavement 10 sq. m   N/A $200 $750

Permeable Paving with


25 sq. m   N/A $750 $1,500



Printable overview of the Rainwater Rewards Program for low density properties: Rainwater Rewards for Your Home.pdf [PDF - 262 KB]