Rainwater Rewards for Multi-Family, Business and Institutions

Applying for Rainwater Rewards

  • The City is offering ongoing credits of between 2.5% and 50% off the annual stormwater utility bill. Rebates are not available for these properties, but the credit amounts are larger.
  • Approved Rainwater Management Methods:
    • Cisterns
    • Rain gardens
    • Infiltration chambers
    • Permeable paving
    • Bioswales
    • Green roofs
    • Education (for businesses and institutions only)

Apply for a Credit

1. Review the Rainwater Management Standards for Professionals  All rainwater management methods for these property types must be done by a professional.  These standards must be followed when applying for Rainwater Rewards.  Rainwater Management Standards -Professional Edition [PDF - 4.9 MB]

2. Apply for Rainwater Rewards: Please submit your application for pre-approval before construction to ensure your project qualifies for a credit.  Apply now.

Properties with existing rainwater management methods (prior to May 2015) may be eligible for a credit.  Please contact stormwater@victoria.ca for more information.

Rainwater Rewards Credit Amounts: Rainwater Rewards Credits_Multifamily_Institutions_Businesses.pdf [PDF - 69 KB]

Learn more about the Rainwater Rewards Program for apartments, condominiums, institutions and businesses: Rainwater Rewards for Your Apartment, Condo, Institution or Business [PDF - 257 KB]