Rainwater Rewards Credit and Rebate Amounts

The City of Victoria offers Rainwater Rewards credits and rebates for innovative management of rainwater on private property. The tables below outline the incentives available. 

Use the Rainwater Management Planner to help estimate rebates and/or ongoing credits you may be eligible to receive for constructing rainwater management features on your property.

For more information about the different methods, click here.

Low Density Residential Credits

Rainwater Management


Minimum Size

Min. Roof area Treated

(sq. m)

Ongoing Credit
Cistern 1200L 25 10%
Infiltration Chamber   25 10%

Rain Garden

  25 10%
Bioswale   25 10%
Permeable Paving 10 sq. m   10%

Permeable Paving

with rock reservior

  25 10%

Low Density Residential Rebates

Rainwater Management


Min. Size $/L $/sq. m Min. Rebate Max Rebate
Rain Barrel (2x175L size) 350 L $0.10   $35 $100
Cistern 1200 L $0.15   $180 $600

Rain Garden/ Bioswale/

Infiltration Chamber

25 sq. m   $15 $375 $1,000
Permeable Pavement 10 sq. m   $20 $200 $750

Permeable Pavement with 

Rock Reservoir

25 sq. m   $30 $750 $1,500


Business, Institutional, Condos and Apartments Credits

SWURainwaterRewardsCredits.pdf [PDF - 590 KB]