Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact Numbers

Pipes can corrode, erode, collapse, clog, and deteriorate as they age.  The intrusion of roots can limit the flow of stormwater through the pipes, as can excess gravel or dirt after a large storm.  If you are experiencing a flooding issue or  a plugged stormdrain please call one of the following numbers.


Call 250.361.0400 at any time to report instances of flooding.

Plugged Storm Drains

Call 250.361.0400 to get assistance and information regarding plugged storm drains.

Online Form

For non-emergencies please use the service request form.

Call Before You Dig or Drill

We will provide you with  information about the location of the stormwater system to help you determine where to dig or drill. Call 250.361.0300. For information on other utilities such as telephone, gas or hydro, you must contact the appropriate utility company.

Plumbing Reimbursements

Call 250.361.0411 for questions regarding plumbing reimbursements.