Existing Rainwater Rewards Projects


If you installed rainwater management methods in the past, find out if your project qualifies for a credit under the Rainwater Rewards program by reviewing the applicable Rainwater Management Standards below:

All rainwater management methods must comply with the City’s Rainwater Management Standards even if they were installed in the past.

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Quick Tips

Some of the key considerations for your existing projects to qualify for the Rainwater Rewards program include:

Permeable Paving
Not all paving stones are permeable. If you have interlocking paving stones, and are wondering if they are permeable, consider the following:

  • Did you specifically ask for permeable pavers when they were installed?
  • Does it specify permeable pavers on your invoice?
  • The cost for permeable pavers tends to be notably higher than standard interlocking pavers, and they would not have been installed without specific request. 

To qualify:

  • Ensure your cistern meets the setback requirements for your house.
  • Ensure you have an overflow connection to storm – this can be an overflow directing water back into your perimeter drains. 

Rain Gardens, Bioswales, Infiltration Chambers
To qualify:

  • Ensure that your bio-infiltration system is sized to the minimum requirements in the Rainwater Management Standards.
  • There must be an overflow connection to the stormwater system.  This cannot be connected through your perimeter drains.

Green Roofs
To qualify:

  • Ensure system is installed to manufacturers’ specifications.
  • There must be an overflow connection to the stormwater system


Learn more about the Rainwater Rewards program here. If you have any questions please contact the Stormwater Specialist at 250.361.0443 or stormwater@victoria.ca.