Starting a New Rainwater Rewards Project

Interested in Rainwater Rewards and wondering where to start? Follow the steps below:

Getting Started

Please review the applicable Rainwater Management Standards below, all work will need to comply with what is set out in these documents.

Step 1 - Review the application requirements

Review 'Appendix A - Rainwater Rewards Pre-Approval Guide' in the above standards for a list of requirements to complete your project and application. 

Step 2 - Complete the Site Assessment Checklist

The checklist can be found in Part 2 of the above standards, it looks like this:

Please include a site assessment drawing similar to this:

You can use an aerial photo of your home from VicMap, or a scaled hand drawing.

Step 3 - Choose a rainwater management method 

Considerations include site selection and site feasibility - look for this table in Section 2 of the above standards document: 

Step 4 - Determine if your project can be 'DIY'

Use the DIY checklist [PDF - 44 KB] to find out. If your project should be completed by a Professional only, you can start your search with this list of service providers [PDF - 54 KB]

Step 5 - Size your rainwater management method

Each rainwater management method has its own sizing calculation. Sizing calculations for each rainwater management method can be found in the Rainwater Management Standards - Part 4: Professional Design and Sizing Approach. 

Step 6 - Prepare your design drawing

Provide a plan drawing with dimensions outlining where the rainwater management method will be located. Tip: you can use your site assessment drawing (Step 2 above) as a starting point.   

Step 7 - Submit for pre-approval

Submit your design, plan drawings and calculations for pre-approval through our online application. The Stormwater Specialist will review and circulate to any other applicable departments for review.

Step 8 - Complete your project!

Once you receive your pre-approval notice, work can begin. The Stormwater Specialist will coordinate any necessary inspections.
Submit proof of your completed work, including photos and invoices, as well as a maintenance plan to receive your Rebate and/or Credit.

Have questions? Contact the Stormwater Specialist by email or phone at 250.361.0443