Starting a New Rainwater Rewards Project

Interested in Rainwater Rewards, and wondering where to start? Use the Rainwater Management Planner on VicMap to help estimate rebates and/or ongoing credits you may be eligible to receive for constructing rainwater management features on your property.

Contact the Stormwater Specialist or 250.361.0443, and follow the steps below.

Getting Started

Please review the applicable Rainwater Management Standards below, all work will need to comply with what is set out in these documents.

Step 1 - Review the application requirements

Review 'Appendix A - Rainwater Rewards Pre-Approval Guide' in the above standards for a list of requirements to complete your project and application.

Step 2 - Complete the Site Assessment Checklist

The checklist can be found in Part 2 of the above standards, it looks like this:

Please include a site assessment drawing similar to this:

You can use an aerial photo of your home from VicMap, or a scaled hand drawing.

Step 3 - Choose a rainwater management method 

Considerations include site selection and site feasibility - look for this table in Section 2 of the above standards document: 

Step 4 - Determine if your project can be 'DIY'

Use the DIY checklist [PDF - 44 KB] to find out. If your project should be completed by a Professional only, you can start your search with this list of service providers [PDF - 54 KB]

Step 5 - Size your rainwater management method

Each rainwater management method has its own sizing calculation. Sizing calculations for each rainwater management method can be found in the Rainwater Management Standards - Part 4: Professional Design and Sizing Approach. 

Step 6 - Prepare your design drawing

Provide a plan drawing with dimensions outlining where the rainwater management method will be located. Tip: you can use your site assessment drawing (Step 2 above) as a starting point.   

Step 7 - Submit for pre-approval

Submit your design, plan drawings and calculations for pre-approval through our online application. The Stormwater Specialist will review and circulate to any other applicable departments for review.

Step 8 - Complete your project!

Once you receive your pre-approval notice, work can begin. The Stormwater Specialist will coordinate any necessary inspections.
Submit proof of your completed work, including photos and invoices, as well as a maintenance plan to receive your Rebate and/or Credit.