Our Stormwater System

The stormwater system helps to manage the rain and runoff in our City, with the goal of reducing flooding by moving stormwater away from properties. It also separates some of the oil, metals, sand and dirt from our stormwater that would otherwise flow into our creeks and oceans.

Did you know?

Our stormwater system is made up of:

  • 5,700 catch basins: They collect the rainwater off the streets and catch the oil, metals, silt and sand before discharging the water into the large mainline pipes. These are located along the curb and often look like a grate in the gutter.  The new catch basins have trapping hoods to collect more oils and debris.
  • 15,013 service connection pipes: These are smaller pipes that connect households, businesses, etc to the mainline pipes.
  • 253 kilometres of storm drains: These are small to large mainline underground storm drain pipes.  If stretched into a straight line they would reach from Victoria all the way to Campbell River.
  • 4 stormwater rehabilitation units: Located at Fisherman's Wharf, Rock Bay and at Public Works), these large tanks are used to capture sand, silt, oils and floating objects, reducing the contaminants that flow into our waterways. They are located at the end of some storm drains.
  • 73 stormwater outlets: This is where the stormwater flows into our waterways.

Watch this video to learn more about the stormwater system in Victoria:

Your Property's Stormwater

Find answers to common questions about your property's connection to the stormwater management system here.

There are five distinct watersheds within the City of Victoria. The location of your property will determine the route your stormwater takes before it enters a creek, inlet or the ocean. Check out the Victoria Watershed Map [PDF - 290 KB] to see where the stormwater coming from your property ends up.

Codes of Practice

Generally, the quality of the stormwater that enters the system is the quality of stormwater that eventually flows into our waterways. This is why our Codes of Practice source control programs are so important.  Since the 1990's, emerging best practices have also included rainwater management methods. Read more about rainwater management methods here.

Learn More

If you're interested in learning more about Victoria's stormwater system: SW_General_Fact Sheet- final.pdf [PDF - 951 KB]

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