Stormwater System FAQ

Can I find out information such as location, depth, size and grade (slope) of sewer and drain mains and laterals?
Yes, this information can usually be provided over the phone by calling 250.361.0300. Alternatively, computer printouts and drawing photocopies can be provided in person.

I am going to be digging/drilling. Can you field locate your services for me?
No, the City does not perform field locates for our services. However, we will provide you with location information to help you determine where to dig or drill. Call 250.361.0300. For information on other utilities such as telephone, gas or hydro, you must contact the appropriate utility company.

How can I determine if I am connected to the City's storm drainage system?
This information should be available on VicMap by turning on the Storm Drain layer in the upper right hand corner. We can usually also provide this information over the phone.  Sometimes it is not possible to be certain of a connection until a dye test is conducted.

You can also try looking for a "Y" or a "D" stamped in the sidewalk in front of your house. A "Y" indicates the location of a sewer lateral and the "D" marks the storm drain lateral.

How do I apply for a new storm drain or sanitary sewer service lateral and how much will it cost?
You can view the costs for new service laterals here:  Service Connection Fee Schedule. To apply for the connection you must come to the Engineering Department in City Hall and we will assist you in making the application. It is important to note that the fee is payable at the time the application is made. Also, you should come prepared with an understanding of the depth and location at which you would like the service installed.

I have found an existing service lateral; may I connect to it rather than having a new service installed?
No. An existing service may not be reused without first being tested by the City. If the service passes the City's test then it may me reused; otherwise it will be capped off and a new service must be purchased.