Stormwater Engagement

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In the fall of 2013 the City of Victoria asked for feedback about the stormwater utility and the proposed incentive program through 10 stakeholder meetings, three open houses and an online survey. 

From Engagement to Action

Here is a quick summary of what we heard, what we've done.  If you would prefer to view this as PDF, please click here: Stormwater Utility Update - August 2014.pdf [PDF - 724 KB]

What we heard: What we've done:
Develop case studies and engage related associations. 20 case studies were completed for a range of property types. Property owner and neighbourhood associations helped to recruit properties.  The information was used to finalize the Rainwater Rewards program.
Consider a rebate program. A rebate program is now offered to help low density residential properties with the upfront costs of installing rainwater management methods.
Make the Rainwater Rewards program more flexible. A sliding scale for credits has been developed for apartments, condominiums, institutions and businesses. 
Make the Rainwater Rewards program simple and easy to use. The numbers of permits required has been reduced, where feasible.  No longer need to have more than one or two rainwater management credits in order to get a full credit.  Full credit can be achieved by managing 90% of the rainwater on site, regardless of the number of methods used.
Consider phasing in properties with increases. All Permissive Tax Exempt and School District 61 properties will be phased in.  Additionally all property owners will be given over one year's notice with the Stormwater Utility Assessment Notice.
Consider adjusting the rate model to address some specific property types and situations. Properties that don't have a connection to the stormwater system and instead drain to a rock pit or directly to the ocean, will have their stormwater fee reduced by not paying for the impermeable areas on their property.  A smaller portion of the bill relating to street cleaning services and the type of property, will still apply.
Create clear design standards for the Rainwater Rewards program: Do-It-Yourself options to reduce the cost when possible. DIY design standards have been developed for low density residential properties with 1-4 units.
Provide guidance and support to help owners with the Rainwater Rewards program.  Continue to focus on education. Three 'Ask an Expert' sessions are being hosted this year.  The Stormwater Specialist is available to help homeowners map out rainwater options for their property.  Industry training events will also be held.  An online Rainwater Management Planning tool is also under development.
Consider giving property owners more time to budget for this change. All property owners are receiving a Stormwater Utility Assessment Notice in Spring of 2015.  Over one year later the first stormwater utility bill will be issued in the fall of 2016.  This will also provide time to apply for the Rainwater Rewards program, before the first stormwater utility bill arrives.


Engagement Report

Here is a summary of the engagement activities and what was heard:  Stormwater Engagement Summary.pdf [PDF - 1 MB]

Here is all of the feedback collected between November 5, 2013 and January 10, 2014.  This includes feedback from the 10 stakeholder meetings, three open houses, five surveys, emails, phone calls and letters, social media and from the engagement session feedback forms: City of Victoria - Stormwater Engagement Feedback - from binder.pdf [PDF - 4.3 MB]