The City of Victoria operates the water distribution systems for both the City of Victoria and the Township of Esquimalt.

A very necessary element in the efficient operation of a water distribution system is a good preventative and corrective maintenance program. Such programs are necessary to:
  • Prevent failure of the facilities
  • Detect and eliminate weak links in the system
  • Analyze how distribution facilities stand up in actual operation as a guide for future installations
  • Maintain good public relations by making needed repairs before damage and interruption of service occurs
  • Detect and eliminate safety hazards
  • Reduce the cost of maintenance

Water mains that are installed today have an anticipated life expectancy of 110 years. The City of Victoria has some of the oldest infrastructure in Canada and many of our mains were installed when installation procedures, manufacturing techniques and fire flow requirements weren't as stringent as they are today. The City of Victoria's 20 year Capital Plan ensures that the City is able to fund any necessary water main rehabilitation or replacement.

Did You Know...?

Length of water mains 273 km
Number of valves 2,763
Number of hydrants 1,477
Number of pressure regulating stations 9
Number of pumping stations 1


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