Water and Sewer System

Victoria's complex network of underground pipes ensures drinking water and wastewater get where it needs to go.

Victoria’s water and sewer system. is made up of a large pipe network that carries clean drinking water into homes, businesses and essential city services and removes excess water and waste water.

How we Maintain our Water and Sewer System

Learn more about how we keep our underground systems in good repair and current projects underway here

Emergency Contact Numbers


Call 250.361.0400 to report instances of flooding.

Plugged Sewers or Storm Drains

Call 250.361.0400 to get assistance and information regarding plugged sewers or drains.

Plumbing Reimbursements

Call 250.361.0411 for questions regarding plumbing reimbursements.

Online Form

For non-emergencies please use the service request form.

Further Information