Water and Sewer System

Victoria's complex network of underground pipes ensures drinking water and wastewater get where it needs to go.

Victoria’s water and sewer system is made up of a large pipe network that carries clean drinking water into homes, businesses and essential city services and removes excess water and waste water.

Our Water System:

The City of Victoria operates the water distribution systems for both the City of Victoria and the Township of Esquimalt. Water mains provide clean drinking water to homes and businesses and help ensure the health and well-being of residents and businesses. Water mains that are installed today have an anticipated life expectancy of 110 years.

Click here for information about our water main annual flushing program.

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Our Sewer System

Victoria’s sewer system carries waste away from homes, businesses and city services and is managed by the CRD Wastewater Treatment program.

Our sewer system’s capacity can be reduced by obstructions and accumulations of household items such as grease, hair, sanitary products, paper towel, garbage, wet wipes and materials incorrectly described as "disposable". You can help keep our sewer system flowing by keeping grease out of the drain and only flushing human waste and toilet paper down the toilet.

Our stormwater system also plays a key role in our underground network, guiding rainwater that lands on hard city surfaces like roads and buildings into drains and pipes away from city streets and buildings. Learn more here.

How we Maintain our Water and Sewer System

Learn more about how we keep our underground systems in good repair and current projects underway here

Emergency Contact Numbers


Call 250.361.0400 to report instances of flooding.

Plugged Sewers or Storm Drains

Call 250.361.0400 to get assistance and information regarding plugged sewers or drains.

Plumbing Reimbursements

Call 250.361.0411 for questions regarding plumbing reimbursements.

Online Form

For non-emergencies please use the service request form.

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