Water FAQ

Q. Can I find out information such as location and size of my water service?

A. The size of your existing service can usually be given verbally over the phone by calling 250.361.0300. The most reliable way of locating your service is to find the water meter on the sidewalk or boulevard in front of your property; the water line will generally run in a straight line between the meter and the house.

Q. How do I apply for a new water service and how much will it cost?

A. We have a Schedule of Fees for Service Connections containing a list of costs for new service laterals. To apply for the connection you must come to the Engineering Department in City Hall and we will assist you in making the application. It is important to note that the fee is payable at the time the application is made. Also, you should come prepared with an understanding of the size of service required and the location at which you would like the service installed.

Q. I am going to be digging/drilling; can you field locate your services for me?

A. No, the City does not perform field locates for our services. However, we will provide you with accurate location information to help you determine where to dig or drill. Call 250.361.0300. For information on other utilities such as telephone, gas or hydro, you must contact the appropriate utility company.

Q. How can I determine what size of service I will need?

A. You will need to hire a plumber or an engineer to calculate your water demand and recommend a service size, the City will not do this for you. For additional help with this you may speak to a City Plumbing Inspector by calling 250.361.0345.