City Supports "Be a Donor, Save a Life" Campaign

The City of Victoria is pleased to support the David Foster Foundation “Be A Donor, Save a Life” campaign during National Organ Donor Week.   

Currently only 14% of Canadian's are registered organ donors and yet reports indicate that 85% of Canadian's support organ donation.  Within the Capital Region, the BC Transplant Association reports that only 25% of our population are registered donors. Are you?

One Canadian dies each day while waiting for a transplant.  With thousands of local public sector employees in the Capital Region, the City wants to increase awareness of the need for organ donor registration.    

The City challenges you to register as an organ donor.  Through your consideration and desire to help others, we believe we can make a difference and increase the number of registered donors in the capital region.  You may have a family member, friend or co-worker who has been impacted by an organ transplant or awaiting an organ transplant. 

The David Foster Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support to Canadian families with children in need of life saving organ transplants.   The Foundation is celebrating 25 years and has supported 700 families with children in need of organ transplants and provided millions of dollars to support their families.  In addition to helping families with their non-medical expenses the Foundation strives to increase organ donor awareness throughout Canada and United States.

 For more information, or to register to be an organ donor visit or