Keep Jack (-0-Lantern) out of the Landfill


Do your part to keep your Jack-O-Lantern scary on the porch, but not scary in the landfill, by composting it in your backyard or at the 9th Annual Pumpkin Smash.

Pumpkins make a great addition to your backyard compost pile and also provide the perfect material to kick off a new backyard composter with.  You can use your smashed Jack-O-Lantern along with fallen leaves as a starting point.  If you continue to add “browns” and “greens” over the winter, as well as aerate it by turning it over, you could have finished compost in time for growing vegetables in the spring.

If pumpkin bowling is more your thing, bring Jack down to the Annual Pumpkin Smash this weekend for great family fun, sponsored by The Greater Victoria Composting Education Centre, Thrifty Foods and Ellice Recycle.

What:  Annual Pumpkin Smash - fun family games and pumpkin smashing
When:  November 3 and 4, 2012 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Saturday, November 3:
• Broadmead Thrifty Foods (777 Royal Oak Drive)
• Fairfield Thrifty Foods (1590 Fairfield Road)

Sunday, November 4:
• Cloverdale Thrifty Foods (3475 Quadra Street)
• Admirals Walk Thrifty Foods (1495 Admirals Road)  

Cost:   For a donation to the Greater Victoria Compost Education Centre

Ellice Recycling will also have drop-off bins available between November 1-6, at their Diversion Facility (524 David Street), at the Canteen Road Yard and Garden Waste Drop-off (605 Canteen Road), and at the Central Saanich Thrifty Foods (7860 Wallace Drive).

If you need to put your pumpkin in your garbage can, please keep other heavy items out of the can, so that it can be safely picked up for collection.  All cans should always be under 55 pounds. Next year, all pumpkins can go in the new green bin that will be part of the Kitchen Scraps and Garbage program that begins this coming February.

For more information about the Annual Pumpkin Smash or upcoming composting courses and other resources visit: