New Kitchen Scraps & Garbage Program

Separated kitchen scraps, along with garbage, will be collected from households starting in January 2013. Collection will be bi-weekly with backyard pick-up and curbside return.

In February 2012, City Council selected Option B out of three options for the new Kitchen Scraps and Garbage program. The estimated annual cost of Option B is estimated to be $183 per household, a $19 reduction from the current garbage-only collection program. There will be a high reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with this collection option because organic kitchen scraps will be diverted from the landfill and fuel use by trucks will be reduced by up to 50%.

In December, Victoria residents were surveyed on three collection options (see below) and asked which one they preferred. 4,316 residents returned the collections option survey, representing 38% of the 11,488 surveys that were distributed.

Although Option C was the most preferred choice, many residents also indicated a desire to maintain backyard pick-up. Option B was selected as the option that best met the key principles highlighted by survey responses including cost savings, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and meeting the needs of seniors and people with mobility challenges.