SURVEY: Pilot Road Changes in Beacon Hill Park

Changes in traffic direction and road closures are being piloted in Beacon Hill Park to reduce traffic and make the park more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.

We encourage you to take the opportunity to visit the park and let us know what you think by completing a short online survey.

Print surveys are available at the Beacon Hill Park Maintenance Yard located at the end of Nursery Road, and at Victoria City Hall.

Temporary bollards, new signage, lane painting and curbing direct the trial changes in traffic flow. The key changes in the park include creating a new multi-use path along the incoming Circle Drive lane off Dallas Road; redirecting traffic along Chestnut Row from Arbutus Way; the installation of a new turn-around at the public washrooms on Bridge Way; closure of Heywood Way to traffic (past the Cricket Pitch); and new designated seniors and family on-street parking.

All of the parking lots remain open and street parking in front of the Petting Zoo, Cricket Pitch, and Watering Can is accessible.

The three-month pilot that began in August 2012 has been extended until the end of August next year. If there is community support for the proposed changes, the temporary bollards will be replaced by permanent curbing, increased green space and multi-use trails in 2014. Learn more.