Select Your Grey Bin for Garbage

 Between July 20 and August 17, 2012 current customers of the City of Victoria residential garbage program can select the size of their new grey bin for garbage that will be part of the new Kitchen Scraps and Garbage program in February 2013

Residents are asked to watch their mail for the “Grey Bin Selection Card”.  If they would like a grey bin other than the standard 120 L size, the “Grey Bin Selection Card” should be returned to City Hall by August 17.

Starting in February 2013, kitchen scraps and garbage will be collected from backyards every two weeks, and the empty bins will be left at the front of the property.  The annual cost of the standard program will now be $183 per year - $19 reduction from the current garbage only program ($202).  By separating kitchen scraps from garbage 1/3 of what was “garbage” will be diverted from the landfill and composted instead.

Following the “use less/pay less” model, customers now have the option to select a smaller or larger grey bin for garbage. The annual cost of collection will relate to the size of the grey bin they choose. (Please see pricing details below.)

New trucks are being ordered to replace the older trucks and to allow for the pick-up of both garbage and kitchen scraps. New standardized collection bins that work with the new trucks will be supplied to every household.

All Kitchen Scraps and Garbage program customers will receive:

  •  a standardized 120 L green bin for kitchen scraps
  • a small “kitchen catcher” for daily collection of your kitchen scraps
  • a grey bin for garbage, chosen by each customer, based upon the amount of garbage they produce
    • Standard 120 L ($183/year)
    • Small 80 L ($168/year)
    • Large 180 L ($204/year)

At this time residents who have mobility challenges and are unable to return their empty bins to the backyard, can request assistance by filling out the “request a helping hand” section on the “Grey Bin Selection Card” or by calling 250.361.0448.

The green bins, grey bins and kitchen catchers will be delivered to homes in January 2013 and collection will start in February 2013. 

For more information about the new Kitchen Scraps and Garbage Program:, email or call 250.361.0448.