Discover "The Hands of Time" 150th Anniversary Public Artworks

Twelve bronze sculptures of life-size hands engaged in activities that symbolize the Capital City's history and identity are now ready to be explored around downtown Victoria. 
On May 22, 2013, the community joined Mayor Dean Fortin, British Columbia-based artist Crystal Przybille, and Franc D'Ambrosio, a member of the City of Victoria Art in Public Places committee for the official unveiling of The Hands of Time public artwork which commemorates the City of Victoria's 150th anniversary of incorporation in 2012.  The sculpture "Holding a Mirror" was unveiled during the ceremony at the Lower Causeway of the Inner Harbour.

The artwork is a series of 12 bronze sculptures depicting life-size hands engaged in activities symbolic of Victoria's past. Each of the three-dimensional hands is unique, varying in culture, age and gender, and conveys a story about a downtown location.  The sculptures consist of hands carving a canoe paddle, holding a railway spike, performing with a fan, carrying blankets, carrying books, holding binoculars, tying a rope to a mooring ring, panning for gold, raising a tea cup, holding a mirror, cupping Dogwood blossoms, and digging Camas bulbs.

The bronze sculptures are located around Victoria's Inner Harbour, with one art piece at City Hall, The Hudson, along the Songhees Walkway, and another at the top of Beacon Hill at Beacon Hill Park. The artworks can be found on buildings, lamp standards, rocks in landscaped areas, and on bedrock. 

The Hands of Time was the winning submission to the City of Victoria's national, juried public art competition to create artwork that celebrates and acknowledges Victoria's 150th anniversary of incorporation.

Location Map
We invite you to discover the sculptures with The Hands of Time map/brochure [PDF - 542 KB].

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