City of Victoria Special Project Grants Awarded

Ten community organizations have received special project grants to assist with new programs that will reduce waste or greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, expand the green economy or create a more livable city. 

This was the first year that applicants were required to demonstrate how projects aligned with the City of Victoria's Sustainability Action Plan.  These community based projects complement the sustainable work the City of Victoria is doing.  The grants ranged from $5,000 to $10,000 for a total of $86,500. 

The 10 recipients for 2013 are:
• Synergy Sustainability Institute - the development a regional green business certification program
• Healing Cities Institute Society -  weeklong event to promote social entrepreneurship and innovation
• Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition - promotion and support of cycling with the business community
• Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria - pilot program to help neighbourhoods increase their resiliency and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions
• Oaklands Community Association - summer youth leadership sustainability training
• The Burnside Gorge Community Association - training program for young people leaving Ministry care
• Our Place Society - a new weekend lunch program
• Victoria Brain Injury Society - brain injury awareness and prevention program
• The Bipolar Disorder Society of British Columbia - youth education project about mental illness
• Together Against Poverty Society - volunteer training for people with disabilities to assist other people with disabilities.

Applications for the 2014 Special Project Grants will be available in February.  For more information about the Special Project Grants application process and the current recipients click here.