Compostable Bags Now Available for Sale at City Hall and Crystal Pool

To make separating kitchen scraps from garbage easier and to reduce costs to residents, the City of Victoria is now selling large rolls of 90 compostable bags for $10 plus taxes.  By purchasing the bags at a wholesale rate, the City is able to pass along savings to residents. The compostable bags are available for sale at the Public Service Centre at City Hall and at the Crystal Pool and Fitness Centre. 

Compostable bags, paper bags or newspaper must be used to help contain the kitchen scraps in the “kitchen catchers”, the smaller containers that were provided to collect kitchen scraps on a daily basis.  All three options help contain moisture and manage odours.  Compostable bags have been designed to fully break down in the composting process and are often made from cornstarch.  Plastic bags and biodegradable bags are not accepted with the kitchen scraps. 

Three months in, the new Kitchen Scraps and Garbage program has diverted nearly 400 tonnes of kitchen scraps from the landfill and turned it into compost. This represents a 37% diversion rate, notably higher than the 30% initially projected.   Each day 6.5 tonnes of kitchen scraps are being collected and composted from 14,000 households in the Capital City. 

In an effort to make information and services easier to access, an online reminder system was introduced whereby a text, phone call, email or tweet will remind households of their upcoming collection day.  The online collection day reminder tool and app are now being utilized by over 3,300 households.  To sign up for collection day reminders residents can click here.

For more information about the Kitchen Scraps and Garbage Program, click here.