Council Meetings Soon to be Available for Viewing Online

Citizens interested in municipal issues will soon be able to stay up to date with the latest decisions of City Council as they watch Council meetings online. The City will launch webcasting of Council meetings this summer, available through both live streaming and online video archives.

This enhancement to the website will mean that anyone with an internet connection will be able to watch public meetings and research legislation anytime, anywhere – including on mobile devices.

“This is a great step forward for transparency and engaging citizens in civic matters,” noted Mayor Dean Fortin. “This initiative will help to ensure that our decision-making remains open, informed and understood.”

Granicus Inc. has been awarded the contract for the City's webcasting solution, which offers a centralized portal for citizens to access public meetings. Users will be able to access live and archived meeting videos along with relevant supporting materials like staff reports, meeting agendas and minutes. Additionally, the content will be keyword searchable and include an RSS function, which will make the process of following topics of interest much easier.

About Granicus
Granicus, Inc. is an award-winning cloud platform provider for government transparency, efficiency, and citizen participation. Its solutions are designed specifically to help public agencies establish meaningful connections with their community online, over social networks, and mobile devices while reducing operational costs.